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Iridescent lighting made from colour changing acrylic, low energy LED bulbs and reclaimed wood. 

Hand Drawn Mandala, Then Manipulated With The Magic Of Computer Software. Prints Are In Action 

I was fortunate to have been brought into the world by two very creative parents, so it is inevitable that I have an interest in artistry.  

 Most of what I know is self-taught.  The images I creates are tantalizing and full of energy:  direct impressions inspiring the core of my imaginative work, from representational images taken from botanical elements and flowers, to stained-glass features.   The initial process of my practice is often spontaneous and impulsive, with images worked directly onto a canvas/backdrop. 

 Three years of recent study, culminating in a BA Degree in Textiles from Norwich University of the Arts, have broadened my practice and skills.  My degree work has involved screen-printing on to many materials/media.  I has experimented with digital design printing which has transformed my ability to work in 3D forms, and has developed skills in: constructing moulds and mould-making, working with wood by drilling to create detailed designs, and using resins that harden into a transparent solid. These skills have allowed me a greater flexibility in designing lighting installations based on geometric patterns, for example.

Still experimenting with new technologies in art and design, A love of drawing fine, detailed works by hand, has not diminished; as this is the base of my creativity.


Design for a client’s interior Mercedes van - Two pinewood cupboards
These designs were done on natural old pinewood.  I decided to not sand down the wood as this gives the design more texture.
These designs are influenced by botanical gardens mixed with futuristic elements.
I like to draw straight onto the blank canvas with out any rough sketch before beginning. 

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I can work on any surface and I can go large or small.


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