Seed of life Sculpture

Seed of life Sculpture


This magnificent sculpture is a sensory interactive lighting installation. The design is for the public to enter or to be admired, taking in the beautiful jewel-like structure and bathe in the iridescent glows of purples, gold’s, pinks, blues, greens, and bronze. The installation twinkles with a metallic rainbow spectrum created by natural sunlight or the use of LED lighting. Once you step inside you are encased in a giant kaleidoscope experience. 

The other spectacular quality to the installation is that it be transformed into a giant iridescent disco ball, projecting beautiful colours with patterns outside the sculpture and around the surrounding space and ceilings. While admiring the sculpture, watch the colours shift depending where you are viewing.

 Weight: 500kg / 1102lbs 

Length: 3meters / 9.8ft

Height: 3meters / 9.8ft

 The sculpture stands at 3 meter-tall and width, made from 20mm thick Plexiglas (industrial shatter proof acrylic, looks like glass) 11 pentagon panels interlocking making a dome like structure (dodecahedron) powered by LED lighting.

It’s a permanent feature to have outside in your garden or in your home. The sculpture looks wonderful at special events, weddings and private parties, and the children absolutely love it as much as the adults. 

Due to the large scale of this sculpture, it will be delivered and fully assembled by our team.

We suggest you send us a photo of where you would like the sculpture to be placed and keep in mind, flat surfaces is a must, either on grass or on solid ground.  

 Contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this unique sculpture or to arrange a viewing.


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