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Winter Lights Canary Wharf London
to Jan 27

Winter Lights Canary Wharf London

The bright lights of Canary Wharf's towers already provide quite the spectacle after dark, but the area glows even more than usual throughout January thanks to the addition of a variety of installations from international artists. Winter Lights returns in 2018 with 20 dazzling artworks, installations and interactive experiences, with many on show in the UK for the first time. (Jan 16-27)

A colourful and mesmerizing sensory installation brings geometry to life.
This Projection covers walls and ceilings, and its surrounding space at night to be an interactive installation for all.
Created by the UK-based Textile artist, now working in visual lighting Amber StefaniAmber’s installations work with two elements. One has natural light which floods the structure and draws you into an iridescent rainbow sequence of colours, reflecting and refracting.
The second element comes to life at nightfall. The objects become even more magnificent and mesmerising, as one enters the dome to sit and feel the uplifting auroras of light By moving slightly you can watch the colours change through all the iridescent colours of a rainbow.


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