Art and Lighting combined, made into interactive designs.

With fantastic support from creative parents, I’ve always had a natural curiosity in energetic art. I’m inspired by direct impression, representational images from nature and stained glass objects found throughout history.


Dazzling Dodecahedron Interactive Lighting Installation. 

To see more about our work, check out our installations page . If you would like to hire our installations then head over to our contact page and leave your details. 

go go hares 2018

I'm very proud to be part of the GoGoHare 2018 sculpture trail. City and County Trail 24.6.18 - 8.9.18. This wonderful event is in aid of Break charity. Break is celebrating it's 50th anniversary, supporting vulnerable children, young people and families. To find out more 

I am SO happy to say my hare went into auction and raised £7,500. AMAZING

20171111_173615 copy.jpg

Shapes are a marvel that have driven art as long as human life has been documented, and geometry is my true passion. This inspiration leads to impulse that’s the gas behind my effort, as I work directly on canvases and backdrops. I developed my tricks of the trade, such as digital design printing, 3D form and mould-making, when I achieved a BA in Textiles at Norwich University of the Arts.

I would love to use my tried and tested knowledge of cutting-edge technology to create the perfect installation for you. If you’d like to discuss anything from a small piece to a large outside installation, get in touch at

Still experimenting with new technologies in art and design, my love of drawing fine detailed works by hand, has not diminished; as this is the basis of my creativity.

how our lamps are made

Each lamp is coated in copper foil, this is then soldered together with lead, we then wax and polish the lead to give it a shiny finish. The lamps are made from wood or acrylic, a unique product with a unique design. What gives out the iridescent colours is NOT a coloured LED bulb; we only use warm white GU10 bulbs for all lamps. The brilliant colours that project from the lamps are accentuated by their setting in your room - the high quality acrylic film influences the colour shift you view. We also use a high quality silk fabric cable to power each lamp - which all work on low energy, environmentally friendly bulbs.

print works

Kingdom of the Plants - To see more of Amber’s large paintings, click on the link as follows

Kingdom of the Plants - To see more of Amber’s large paintings, click on the link as follows